• February 26, 2021


  • wow! another blog! hehe! maayo jud ni tere kay aron ma-pressure mo ug gamit sa inyong nikon dslr. 😉

  • […] I and CT had some bonding time and strolling at the People’s Park. My sis followed us there and I was happy because someone would take photos of the three of us. I […]

  • […] my PhotoHunt entry for this week where there is no theme, I am sharing photos of People’s Park in Davao City taken by H a few days ago. This used to be the old PTA grounds as what it was […]

  • […] locations ended up into only two as the rain poured down from the heavens above as we were at the People’s Park (2nd location), I learned quite a few things too. Hahaha ! You do not know how amateur I was for I […]

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