• January 27, 2021

Getting Insured with FWD Life Philippines’ KanDuu Plans

Getting an insurance has long been in my mind. As I have to push myself to come out of the grieving stage as a daddy’s girl when our dear Daddy’s passed away this year, I know he wants me to move on forward with our lives without him. This paved the way to venture to new career path in real estate to keep myself busy where we often travel to various site trips development projects in the city and even other places outside our city. My family still has a life ahead of opportunities despite life’s uncertainties. Accidents may happen though praying for none and death is part of the life cycle. That said, there is a real need to secure and protect ourselves and our loved ones who we leave behind which is a priority we have to seriously consider NOW and TODAY, before it is too late. Hence, getting insured and secured is now a priority for me and my family.

I got offered recently of getting myself insured with FWD Life Philippines‘ online insurance KanDuu Plans. I decided to go for it this time to at least help for my peace of mind. FWD offers security so we “CAN DO” all the things we want to do in life without hesitations. They named the first set of their 3 online insurance products tagged as “KanDuu” which is a creative version of “CAN DO.” I encourage you all to seriously consider getting yourself insured for the sake of your family and loved ones.

What’s good about the KanDuu Plan is that you can purchase it online easily and conveniently now. No medical required as long as you are in good health condition in order to purchase the product. No actual paperwork when you apply as well since it is done online and filling up the information sheet online can be finished in a minute.

Go to their online insurance shop at Shop@FWD to purchase the plan hassle-free plus get partner rewards.


  • For critical illnesses coverage for one year up to P100,000.
  • Pay only P1,799 per year (or practically P5 only per day!)
  • NO medical tests needed or required.
  • No paperworks.
  • Covers up to 42 illnesses including heart attack, cancer and kidney disease among others.
  • Six (6) months’ unlimited KonsultaMD telemedicine access (phone consultation with doctors)


  • For life coverage up to P200,000 as financial support to your family.
  • Pay only P1,799 per year (or practically P5 only per day!)
  • For 18 to 50 years old and can be protected up to age 55
  • One year unlimited medical consults at Aventus Medical Inc. clinics nationwide.


  • Death due to accident and disability due to terrorism with coverage up to P500,000
  • Pay only P1,799 per year (or practically P5 only per day!)
  • For 18 to 50 years old and can be protected up to age 55
  •  One year Assist America global emergency assistance when you travel

FWD - KanGuard Info

It is easy and quick to buy and apply for a KanDuu plan which can be done in just a few minutes.

Visit www.shop.fwd.com.ph. Choose from the three plans mentioned above.

Check this screenshot for the first step:

FWD - KanGuard Step 1 Enter your details

  • Simply fill-up the one page form in Shop@FWD site as shown above. Make sure that all data provided is correct.
  • Upload one valid ID online.
  • Pay online using a credit card. You can also use a debit card to make the payment.
  • No medical, no actual paperwork.

Done all that and then I am already covered!

They also offer exciting rewards as well as one (1) year unlimited medical consults at any of the 12 Aventus Medical Inc. clinics nationwide. They have licensed general physicians and family doctors available anytime for one year.  This reward will be activated 20 days after your policy is issued.

Wanted to get KanMend and KanLive initially, but since we are not as perfectly healthy as we wish to be especially this year, we opted to go for KanGuard instead which was also a good choice of Kanduu plan. Since we are planning to travel outside the country as a family for a short vacation to Hong Kong sometime next year and we are often traveling on client site trips in real estate sales work, this will be a good KanDuu plan to purchase. If you have been updated with the news about Hong Kong, I think it is but fit to make sure we are covered. As a mother I have to somehow make sure my family is secured at least if anything happens. This mom needs peace of mind in knowing that my loved ones especially my son will be taken cared of.

So buy the protection that you need which is so easy to do and get rewards at the same time! It will just cost you practically P5 only per day for an annual insurance coverage with a total cost of only P1,799 with FWD Life Philippines‘ Kanduu Plan of your choice.

 Make the most of what life has to offer people while you pursue your passions, and there is still time to make your dreams a reality now. Be secured as FWD got your backs as you “CAN DO” all the things you want to do like traveling for vacation or working without fear and hesitations.

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