• September 20, 2020

McDo Kiddie Crew 2018 Workshop

McDonald’s is on its 26th year of McDo Kiddie Crew, their yearly summer workshop program for girls and boys between 6 to 12 years old. My son has attended this summer workshop a few times when he was younger and it was all fun especially then when we always look forward to their graduation and grand graduation events.

The McDo Kiddie Crew Workshop allows your child to socialize as they meet and make new friends, build their confidence, learn new things while having fun such as serving McDo customers behind the counter, spend some creative time making their own Happy Meal box, and making their own McDo Cheeseburger which they get to enjoy eating too. Plus they get to learn the fun Ronald McDonald dance.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew workshop 2018

Unlike years past, this time around they have two schedule options for the McDo Kiddie Crew workshop:

1) 5-day weekday workshop with two hours per day session for P695.
Runs for 12 weeks from April 2-6 as first week and the last week on June 18-22, 2018.

2) New 2-day weekend workshop for three hours per day session for P595.
Runs for 11 weekends from April 7-8 as first weekend and the last weekend on June 16-17, 2018.

The new option let those kids with other summer activities during the week, join the workshop scheduled during weekend only. Enroll your kids, nieces and nephews in McDonald’s Kiddie Crew this summer. You still have time to attend and register in the nearest McDo branch and let these kids gear up and catch up with summer fun at McDo! You may visit mcdokiddiecrew.com to learn more.

Check out this YouTube video during the special event held in McDo Bajada J.P. Laurel branch in Davao for the McDo Kiddie Crew 2018. Ronald McDonald, McDo’s primary mascot in a clown character, said to have flown in from Manila to make a special surprise appearance in the said event.


Thank you McDonald’s for letting us experience the fun of taking part of the McDo Kiddie Crew once again! Yes, it was fun to hear the music and see kids do the Ronald McDonald dance that we really enjoyed dancing so much years ago. Watch the video again and see the McDo staff at the back having more fun dancing it too!

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