• January 20, 2021

Cebuana Lhuillier 30th Anniversary ‘Thank You for 30’ Concert Series in USEP Gym Davao

Cebuana Lhuillier 30th Anniversary ‘Thank You for 30’ Concert Series ended with a bang in USEP Cultural Gym located in Bo. Obrero, Davao City last October 20, 2017. It was a day full of different events we attended in Davao City and capped the day with a concert my son and I enjoyed.

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’Thank You for 30!’ which was a nationwide concert series headlined by Cebuana ‘Lhuillier celebrity endorsers Popstar Sarah Geronimo and the “pambansang bae” Alden Richards, kicked off at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila last September 1, before moving on last September 22 at the Hoops Dome in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

Fans in Manila, Cebu and Davao waited for this concert series as it featured two of the country’s biggest stars who happen to be from rival networks as they shared the concert stage for the first time. Other celebrity performers were Mark Bautista, Ronnie Liang, Julian Trono, and Ella Cruz.

Cebuana Lhuillier, the country’s largest microfinancial company, ended the highly successful 30‘h anniversary concert with a final leg held at the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) Cultural Gym in Davao City. Loyal Cebuana Lhuillier clients, guests and fans coming from Davao City and neighboring provinces in the region enjoyed the night of musical performances from those celebrities particularly Alden and of course Sarah G. Ronnie Liang also made the concert crowd shout and sing along while doing the oppa hand sign.

Cebuana Lhuillier President and CEO Jean Henri Lhuillier said that ”2017 served as a year where Cebuana Lhuillier honored and celebrated our roots. We wouldn’t be able to get this far if not for our Ka-Cebuanas, who have been supporting us and trusting us all these years. This concert is just one of our ways to give back and honor them. This year, we expanded our offerings with our new line of products made available to our clients as part of our mission of financial inclusion. Our KaCebuanas can expect new services to be made available in more locations, through a variety of platforms.”

Cebuana Lhuillier is also celebrating its anniversary by expanding its roster of products and services, including a microloans portfolio, which completes the company’s evolution into a microfinancial institution.

Cebuana Lhuillier dates back to 30 years ago and has become one of the country’s most trusted names, synonymous to a dependable friend in times of need. It has served as a true Kaibigan, Ka-Cebuana to millions of Filipinos by helping them have access to better financial opportunities to improve their lives. Because of this, millions of Filipinos have turned to Cebuana Lhuillier for security and peace of mind in the area of finances. More than the products and services it offers, the brand stands for and will continue to stand for stories of hope, optimism, triumph amidst adversities, and sacrifice to provide for loved ones.

Cebuana Lhuillier provides maximum customer reach and multiple touch points through more than 2,200 branches nationwide, complemented by the 5,000 partner locations domestically and the more than one million partner locations that serve Filipinos all over the world.

 Here are compiled videos and photos from the Cebuana Lhuillier Pasasalamat Concert in USEP Gym Davao City:

             Mark Bautista, Ronnie Liang, Julian Trono and Ella Cruz

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