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AirAsia Red Talks With Daphne Season 2 Amazing Stories To Inspire Your Journeys

   AirAsia Red Talks series with Daphne Osena Paez on Facebook

AirAsia Red Talks With Daphne Season 2 Amazing Stories To Inspire Your Journeys

It was nice to be recently brought back to Cebu for the second time by the world’s best low cost carrier for nine consecutive years – AirAsia, for the launch of Red Talks hosted by Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez with season 2 pilot episode titled “Sweet Connections”. The first time I was brought to Cebu by AirAsia, along with other bloggers and video bloggers, was for the launch of the inaugural flight last year of the AirAsia direct flights from Davao City to Cebu as well as other direct flights during their April 22, 2017 launch then.

AirAsia Red Talks Davao Digital Influencers

DDI President Glen Santillan (4th from left) and DDI wearing red in support of AirAsia on their way to Cebu for the Air Asia Red Talks Season 2 launch.

Last February 22, 2018, the Davao Digital Influencers and Davao media friends were invited to the AirAsia Red Talks season 2 pilot episode launch which was held at The Twilight Roof Deck of the 5-star Bai Hotel Cebu located in Ouano Avenue in Mandaue City. The said press launch in Cebu was hosted by radio DJ Tracy Abad-Prado.

AirAsia Red Talks in Bai Hotel Mandaue Cebu with Chef Jayps, Ms. Daphne Osena Paez, Captain Dexter Commendador, Ms. Maan Hontiveros, DDI and Davao media

In the photo above are the Davao influencers and media with the web series host Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez, rockstar Chef JP “Jayps” Anglo, Mr. Rex Puentespina of Malagos Chocolate and General Manager Ms. Hermie Tabanag of Malagos Garden Resort, Philippines AirAsia CEO Captain Dexter M. Comendador, and Philippines AirAsia Chairperson Ms. Maan Hontiveros. Also present during the said launch was AirAsia Foundation’s Executive Director Mun Ching Yap.

AirAsia Red Talks with Daphne is your magazine show on Facebook featuring amazing stories that will inspire you and tell you now that everyone can fly with AirAsia’s low cost fares to various destinations.

The Red Talks feature stories will inspire you to travel, go on a journey and reach for your dream destinations. With their new direct flights around the Philippines, and to cities or destinations outside of our country, the show will definitely inspire you to pack your bag, fill your cameras memory card with photos of captured memories till it is full as you travel and explore, as well as gain new memories to cherish and remember while meeting new people perhaps.

Now on Season 2 with pilot episode which was aired at seven in the evening last Saturday February 24, 2018 featuring proudly Davao’s very own award-winning Malagos Chocolate as a sauce, used by Chef JP Anglo (@chefjayps) of Sarsa Kitchen+Bar, in a chicken dish that will be part of the AirAsia’s in-flight Santan menu for a limited time offer starting sometime April 2018.

Red Talks’ host Ms. Daphne said that, “The quality of stories and the online engagement we got last year when Red Talks was launched have been overwhelming. For this new season, we aim to raise the level of discussion and cover a wide range of topics to engage our audience and inspire them to have meaningful connections.”

AirAsia Red Talks with Daphne Season 2 launch at Bai Hotel Cebu AirAsia Red Talks host Ms. Daphne (center) with mommies at the launch in Bai Hotel Cebu.

Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez is an award-winning TV host with popular lifestyle shows I’ve personally followed and watched like F (a weekly lifestyle magazine show), Urban Zone (another lifestyle show on interior design and architecture), and Guide to Urban Living.  She is a known digital influencer and a lifestyle blogger at her self-named blog – www.daphne.ph. Noted too is her being a Special Advocate for Children as appointed by UNICEF, being a voice and drawing attention to significant children’s issues.

AirAsia Red Talks Season 2 launch in Bai Hotel Mandaue Cebu with Chef Jayps, Ms. Hermie of Malagos Garden Resort, Mr. Rex Puentespina of Malagos Chocolate Chef JP “Jayps” Anglo (2nd from left) with Mr. Rex Puentespina (left) of Malagos Chocolate and Malagos Garden Resort GM Ms. Hermie Tabanag (right) at the Red Talks Season 2 launch in Bai Hotel Cebu. (Photo by CJ Salas)

Celebrity Chef JP Anglo or more known as Chef Jayps who is often described as a rockstar chef who has created dishes with strong local Filipino identity. He loves to surf, and I think he loves Mati in the Davao region being an avid surfer.  First came to know about him during his days as a chef judge of Junior MasterChef Pinoy edition on TV which was hosted by Ms. Judy Ann Santos. Also, I have seen some the episodes of his  TV show now called “Hungry with Chef JP” which is being shown in CNN Philippines on Sunday evening with a few replays throughout the week.  I am also a follower of him on Instagram being a foodie.  It was a surprise and an exciting experience to meet him in person through this AirAsia event.  Chef Jayps said that his favorite in the Santan menu is the flavorful Chicken Rice, which was served to us for dinner on our direct AirAsia flight from Davao City to Cebu.

It was also a pleasure to meet the so-called “Chocolate Man” Mr. Rex Puentespina, whose sister Ms. Charisse Puentespina I have met a few times during invited events in Malagos Garden Resort in Davao City. It was also nice meeting their resort general manager Ms. Hermie during the same AirAsia event in Cebu.

Given the success of the first season of Red Talks, this new season makes it exciting to look forward to watching the coming episodes.

Episode 2 will be focused on women empowerment. This is a particular matter that current AirAsia chair Ms. Maan Hontiveros has been championing as she create value in the lives of women and marginalized groups.

Episode 3 will feature David Foster and Air Asia’s collaboration as they aim to find the best and tap into a diverse pool of talent in creative and skilled persons in the Asean region.

Episode 4 will be tackling a serious issue worldwide on human trafficking. This particular episode aims to raise awareness and at the same time train airline personnel all across the region to fight this said issue which has reached an alarming concern that has pushed AirAsia Foundation to tackle such issue.

Episode 5 will be an interesting episode as the show’s host Ms. Daphne goes to Bali, Indonesia. She will be taking part of the known and celebrated food festival in Ubud. She will also be getting to meet farmpreneurs to know more about upscaling farmers through innovation.

Episode 6 which is the last of the season, will be about the Cambodian Living Arts or CLA’s success story being a non-profit organization CLA is based in Phnom Penh that has been making possible of the transformation of Cambodia through arts education, capacity building of arts leaders, and providing opportunities in generating income and creating sustainable environment for the arts for deserving emerging artists in the region.

You can watch all AirAsia Red Talks web series episodes hosted by Daphne Osena Paez (@daphneop) on AirAsia’s Facebook page (@AirAsia) aired every last Saturday of each month. If you miss the previous episodes, just visit their FB page and find previous episodes there.

#AirAsiaRedTalks is brought to you by AirAsia Foundation, AirAsia Big Loyalty and Rokki.

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