Hello Weekend!

Hello weekend! Weekend is here leading to the Holy Week and while I wanted to have a meaningful but quiet celebration next week due to the holy days up ahead starting tomorrow for Palm Sunday that happens to be on the same day as another national regular holiday.

I am up to get ready for a long day ahead. I spotted my little guy watching a video on my MacBook Pro of a guy playing an electric guitar. He mentioned to me last weekend that he wanted to have a little guitar of his own. The guitars I have shown him in the mall he said were a little to big and heavy for his age and size. Well I think I will have to scout for an affordable and smaller than the regular size guitar at the Guitar Center, guitar shops near me. I am sure I will be able to find one for him and let us hope it is very affordable and at a discounted price too.

Anyway, we are off to the mall to buy some things for the photoshop workshop we are attending later as requested by my mommy friend who is in charge of the workshops.

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