• September 20, 2020

Small Basket Online Grocery Partners with NCCC Supermarket

It’s grocery shopping made easy!

If you love to do your grocery shopping especially those regular shoppers at NCCC Supermarket, this news will really delight you. Small Basket Online Grocery partners with homegrown NCCC Supermarket to make it easy for people to do their grocery errands right at the comfort of your own place. You don’t have to leave the house or office, just go to the Small Basket app or their website and do your grocery shopping online right at the comfort of your home. No more traffic or hassle of driving and physically going to the supermarket, no more standing in line waiting at the cashier and carrying home those heavy bags of grocery items. They will deliver the products you shopped right at your doorstep. What is good about this is that there is NO delivery fee which means delivery charge is FREE as long as you make the minimum purchase of P200.00. These days that is so easy to reach I bet you with even just a very few items.

We were able to try the app on April 3 during its test run as the app will be officially launched and available to the public on April 8, 2018 yet.

“Happy with the idea that we now can shop at our homegrown NCCC Supermarket without leaving our home. We tried grocery shopping online for our fave fruit salad dessert for dinner yesterday. I ordered these thru Small Basket online grocery around 3:55PM and they delivered it in our place for FREE. Got the items around 1hour and 20 mins after. Standard delivery time is 2 hours. Depending on the bulk of online orders perhaps when the app is officially launched. Small Basket rep Henna (I hope I got her name quite right) was calling us for updates and called us too when the delivery guy JR was already here. She also called us when one item we originally ordered was not available and she let us replace it to meet the minimum P200 purchase for FREE Delivery.

Their price is cheaper than the sari sari stores around us here. We do have an HB1 nearby but we’re happy we don’t have to walk there or commute to NCCC just to buy the grocery items we need. While there are mall supermarkets nearby here, this is one convenient option if you don’t want to go out or when you’re too busy.

Price difference is minimal so far based on the items we usually buy from the grocery. Charge to convenience and save on transpo expense plus less hassle on actually going out to buy. You can pay thru GCash, Paypal, credit card… We opted for cash on delivery because yesterday was a test run that we were able to try the app. @smallbasketcomph

The Small Basket app will be launched on Sunday April 8, 3PM-7PM at Rizal Park Davao. Be there to shop, win prizes and get discounts. GCash will be giving P50 for those who will register for GCash onsite.
@gcashofficial “


These were the items I tried ordering thru the app since I suddenly thought of making fruit salad for dessert after dinner at home. I don’t have the ingredients so I thought what a perfect opportunity to try our this new online grocery shopping app by Small Basket in partnership with NCCC Supermarket.

Except for one item that I wanted that was not available, the whole process was easy and convenient. I liked our initial experience using Small Basket. The items were delivered after an hour which is less than the standard delivery time of 2 hours which they told us during the press launch. Perhaps because this was still during a trial run and there weren’t many customers yet who would access and use the app at that time. Knowing many would probably try ordering Small Basket when it goes live and accessible,in reality expect more waiting time for your items to be delivered. If you just plan ahead, this will be very convenient to use and do your online grocery shopping. No hassle of physically going to NCCC known for long lines and many shoppers.

Hubby liked it that he no longer needed to walk or go to the nearby HB1 in our area when we wanted to buy Choice fruit cocktail (personally preferred brand as we have come to like this product which we first tried thru the giveaways from NCCC before) when we want to make a fruit salad at home for dessert. It’s very easy to make as you just mix the ingredients all together then grate cheese and viola instant delicious dessert at home.

smallbasket online grocery and nccc supermarket

NCCC Supermarket ties up with Small Basket for a Sulit Online Shopping Experience…

NCCC Supermarket has now joined the list of companies who, in an effort to provide their customers with more options in buying groceries, have finally joined the realm of online shopping convenience in this day and age of technology.

Valued shoppers of our proudly home grown known for retail and wholesale grocery shopping, NCCC Supermarket can now shop at the comfort of their own home, condo, boarding house, during staycations in Davao or in a hotel, office, or for your own sari sari stores. Small Basket is a convenient shopping service which can be accessed through their website, through their Android or IOS app, Facebook Messenger, call through landline and SMS.

Small Basket Online Grocery envisions to become a respected and recognized e-commerce company providing their customers a professionally designed dynamic website for the provision of supermarket products delivered at every customer’s doorstep for a competitive price.

“Our primary goal in launching this is to provide NCCC Supermarket shoppers an alternative way of doing groceries,” according to the Small Basket Online Grocery Operations Manager Engr. Allan Muhammad Ali G. Lachica. He is happy and excited of this project being implemented in Davao City in partnership with Davao’s very own NCCC.

The Small Basket app will be officially launched on Sunday April 8, 3PM-7PM at Rizal Park in Davao City. Be there to shop, win prizes and get discounts. GCash will be giving P50 for those who will register for GCash onsite. Shoppers can win prizes and gift packs from NCCC Supermarket. There will be a program for the launch with local performers.

Visit their website www.smallbasket.com.ph to know more about Small Basket Online Grocery or their Facebook Page at https://web.facebook.com/smallbasketcomph.

LTS Retail Specialists Inc.
NHQ Building, Gempesaw Extension, Davao City
(082) 224 0186 / 225 8552

(Update as of April 25, 2018)
Small Basket’s how to order:
Browse their online store: smallbasket.com.ph
Call their landline: (082) 225 7476 / 286 3802 / 286 3806
Text their mobile numbers:  0933 817 0367 or 0933 817 0368 or 0917 577 7629 or 0917 577 7639
Login to their Facebook: smallbasketcomph
Message them on Messenger: Small Basket
Email your grocery items to: smallbasketcomph@hpeprint.com
Live Chat: smallbasket.com.ph

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