• November 24, 2020

How I Send Money To My Family Conveniently Thru GCash App Fund Transfer

GCash has given me a quick solution now on how I send money to a loved one without having to be there. I find it a convenient blessing.

Recently, I sent money to my mom so my other sister can do their weekly errand at their nearby public market or at SM Savemore since I could not visit them yet at that time the other week. I sent it through my sister who lives nearer my parents home. Now I just called my sister for this quick favor and I promised to give her the money refund. Now I know I can just send her the refund without physically giving it to her by dropping by her office simply for this task. Without me living home, I can use my GCash fund to send it to her conveniently by doing the transaction anytime and anywhere, even beyond her office hours or even beyond regular banking office hours. 

Now I actually realized I already don’t have enough funds in my GCash app to pay my sister the refund at this time since I made some recent purchases using my GCash funds too with their Scan To Pay.   Easy solution, I can go to the nearby 711 of which there are three of them in our our area minutes away from home.   Or I can cash in (put more money/funds in my GCash account) at the GCash machine when we go to Abreeza Mall.  There is one at the ground floor area near the playground, Concierge and Jollibee.   There is another one at the second floor near the elevator, Potato Corner and Shakeys. Plus the Globe branch in Abreeza Mall also has a Cash-In machine inside their store. Cashing in only takes a few minutes. It’s very quick and easy. All you just need is to have money.  Based on experience, GCash is very convenient, quick and easy to use when it comes to cashless payments to make purchases in National Bookstore, Mercury Drug, Rose Pharmacy and pay for food orders in restos like TGI Fridays,  Bigby’s, Gerry’s Grill, Habi at Kape, Anniepie, CBTL, even your fave Potato Corner which are are merchant partners and there are more of them in Abreeza, an Ayala Mall. 

Going back, I cashed in at the GCash machine in Abreeza. Took me just around a minute to fund my GCash account. Because I had other errands, I forgot to send the money to my sister’s bank account. Before going to sleep late last night, I remembered about it and did the transaction in less than a minute. Viola it’s done! I texted my sister and told her I already sent the money before finally going to sleep.

Transfer Funds in Minutes for Free to Over 30 Banks with GCash Fund Transfer

I now have a quick and convenient way of sending money to my parents. Though I know nothing still compares to a personal visit to see your loved ones. There are certain times though that we wish to send them money anytime then using GCash is very convenient and quick to do so.

Also good for paying online purchases is now easy to do bank to bank and which you can do right at the comfort of your home or when in the office.  So just make sure you always have funds in your GCash so you can send money thru the GCash Bank Transfer feature anytime, anywhere.

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Transfer Funds in Minutes for Free to Over 30 Banks with GCash Fund Transfer

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