Mindanao Renaissance: Davao Photographers Club Photo Exhibit at Felcris Centrale

Visit the Mindanao Renaissance photo exhibit by the member of the Davao Photographers Club at Felcris Centrale on September 11-24, 2018. It will open on Tuesday, September 11 at 6PM. Open to the public. See you all there!

This photo exhibit is the output from Daryl Descallar’s “Photography from a Painter’s Perspective” photo workshop with the DPC members namely: Constantine Agustin, Jun Flores, Janoz Laquihon, Juselle Aguirre, Gary Sato, Sarah Alegado, Michael Kenn Liva, Renemark Padillo, Juston Felisco, Mike Campillanes, Daruell Hortel, Von Adeva, Riel Tanzo, Rhygy Pude, Surallah Abeto and Whitney Cambarijan. 

Davao Photographers Club (DPC) Mindanao Renaissance Photo Exhibit 2018 at Felcris Centrale Davao (image from DPC)

*Erratum: September 11 – 24, 2018

Read on to know more about this from the Davao Photographers Club media release…


Literally the French word RENAISSANCE means “rebirth.” It is a period known in European civilization following the Middle Ages. A period characterized by a surge of interest of classical scholarship and values. To a regular Renaissance scholar’s view, the period was primarily a time of revival of interest on classical learning and wisdom from a long episode of cultural decline and stagnation. It must also be noted that the Renaissance witnessed the discovery and exploration of new continents. A period when the Philippines was first put into the international map in the 1500s through the coming of the Spanish conquistadors. And earlier in the 13th century by the Arab traders who propagated the Islamic faith in Mindanao.

Renaissance art’s origin can well be traced to Italy back in the late 13th and early 14th centuries up until the late 1500s were many scholars would call it the period of High Renaissance Art. While this was the case in Europe, a diff erent scene was built in the Philippines. The entire archipelago was subjugated under Spanish rule with a bastion of Spanish resistance created in the heart of Mindanao. While Europeans, mainly Italians, regained their consciousness about their roots as they are reliving the glory days of their ancestors from the classical world, Filipinos on the other hand were slowly losing their identity saved from the Mindanaoans who refused to be put under the Spanish yoke.

This exhibit is thus a celebration of the Mindanaoans of the past who fought to keep and preserve their cultural identity against the ravages brought by the colonialist. It is a form of reminder of who we were and we are as a nation. It is a form of revival, a rebirth of learning the wisdom shared to us by the original and old settlers of the Philippines, of Mindanao. This the Davao Photographers Club’s way of promoting cultural awareness.

As the DPC’s logo depicts it, this exhibit is a manifestation of the group’s respect, love and acceptance of our being Filipinos, our being Mindanaoans. The colors in the tribal garbs represent equally the colors of DPC those that which speaks of life, renewal, growth, harmony and strength.

This exhibit is DPC’s own Mindanao Renaissance.

Art imitating art. Art reflecting identity.

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