How to Compute an Estimate Cost of Usage of Your Appliances at Home

How to compute an estimate cost of usage of your appliances at home:

Find the number of watts indicated or written on the label found at the back side or bottom of the appliance.
Multiply the number of wattage by hours used every day.
Divide the result by 1,000.
Multiply your answer by the number of days you’re measuring. …
Multiply by the cost of electricity per kWh.

So for a new box fan we bought for example:

45 watts power
Multiply by average 20 hours used daily
Divide by 1,000
Multiply by 30 days or 1 month
Multiply by P11 per KWH increased charge as in our case
Equals P297.00.

Some thoughts:

I was scouting for a new box fan when we came home from our sem break out of town family vacation. While the thought of getting a new small aircon was in our mind for quite sometime too since it has been very hot the past month up to now. But we need to think it over as electricity rate was increased.

For those boarding or renting and have their individual loan meters installed by their land owners, the cost may be different, often times they charge higher, The reason was that DLPC increased the rate.  I immediately checked with DLPC, the rate is actually lower. We know someone from the power company so most likely we get updated. But then we have no choice, it is the reason made by the owner and we are just renting their property.

Yet that’s about P1.50 per KWH difference so if we consume more especially in the coming holiday season, that amount of difference will matter. The first time it made a difference of around P150. For an ordinary family who earns basic salary wage, that P150 will matter in their budget. That could already buy at least 3 kilos or even a little more quality rice at the Public Market. It could also pay off more than half of the monthly water bill usage too. This is the place we’ve rented so far where we get charged for water the highest. But then we cannot complain if that is what the landlord decided to charge. So for now we have to accept that. We can only pray they will not increase more in the next two years especially the monthly rental too which is actually heavy on our budget as it is.  Save on some other expenses to pay for the higher power charge.

For the meantime – pray and work. Be still for we know God will provide generously.

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