Davao Digital Influencers: An Opened Door

Amazing that it has been a year already!  When a door closes, indeed God opens a new one better for us in His own good time! Over the recent years, we’ve taken a step back yet continued to blog on our own. Went through a semi-retirement period in blogging which has been more peaceful and blissful. We have even met new friends and connections along the way who have given us their trust and inspired us to keep on going quietly on our own. Then a turning point happened somewhere and almost a year ago we found ourselves joining the new Davao Digital Influencers, the #TeamDDI!

DDI is an opened door. We found a new blogging community. We consider joining our new DDI family as one door that God has opened for us as a blessing that paved the way for new learnings, friendships, and experiences as a blogger. For the past year since we joined when it all started, we also gained more new friends among influential Davao vloggers (who are just like Wil Dasovich who my boys and I followed and introduced us initially to the new world of vlogging) that inspired me and my own little guy to start learning how to vlog and make videos. In the past year, we also met new media friends and acquaintances along the way.

The past year flew by so fast! It is indeed true that time flies when you are having fun. It was a fun and good year with our Team DDI family! Being in this organization that is the first SEC registered blogging community in our region, we felt more inspired to keep going and moving forward while at the same time feeling the responsibilities as an influencer in our city which has also been in the spotlight over the past year; as a citizen and as a member of a local community hoping to make people realize the positive difference they can make in their own little ways to make a good change for the community we live in. I am truly hoping that in my courage to speak up, I would be a voice that would make the people in my community realize their responsibility to be a better part of our community, to follow the ordinances and laws in our city and country in my own way. I wish to be an influence to make people aware that if they want change, they have to do their share and be part of the solution to the problems and concerns in our communities that we are facing each day.

In my 10 years in the blogging community, DDI has made some things happen which we have been waiting for years. We are grateful to DDI for many things, for opportunities and experiences; as well as for inspiring us to grow when we were once shunned, for the chances and the doors they’ve opened. We move forward positively looking on to being part of many more and better experiences, witness important events unfold while being an influence for a good change. I am grateful to my fellow officers, and the members of the Team DDI for a great year and looking forward to amazing years ahead!

The Davao Digital Influencers is celebrating its first anniversary as an organization this July 29, 2017. We continue our journey as bloggers, vloggers, influencers in various social media platforms. Help us and join us, Team DDI to make our city and country a better place to live in. After all DavaoLife(.com) is here!

DDI would like to thank the following sponsors for their love and support:

Platinum: Smart Communications, Inc., AirAsia, FWD Life Philippines
Gold:  PLDT Home
Silver:  Jolly Canned Fruits and Vegetables
Bronze:  Abreeza Ayala Mall
Benefactors:  Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp., Cecil’s Snack Inn & Restaurant, Seda Abreeza Hotel, Marco Polo Davao, Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Davao, M Magazine.

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