Felcris Centrale Superstore

20150218_132806Felcris Centrale Superstore is now open and this is the first store in Davao if I am not mistaken to have joined the supermarket and the department store in one place. Usual set up here in the malls is that the department store is separate from the supermarket which is usually located at the first or ground floor.

This one the supermarket is located in the second floor of the mall together with the department store section of this newly opened mall in the city. I was going around the mall looking for new stores and one particular store that may have something of which I was looking for pinaud for a friend of mine. I thought the supermarket was at the ground floor as the usual case may be but could not find it so I explored the second floor and found it at their so-called Superstore. It is like a hypermarket of another mall in another place. We went back here with my boys this evening and did our grocery errands so we have a valid reason for checking out the newly opened mall as well.

Will go back here some other time when there are more new stores that will open in the mall. Plus I want to check out more of the goods they have that I was not able to look at closely since we ran out of time as they were closing already. Will post photos in my next update on what one will see in the Felcris Superstore.

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